Blood Red Lines in London

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BRL Edinburgh

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BRL Rehearsal 2022
Cultural Democracy must be born anew in every generation
Dragon Boat Festival 2022
"Everyone has the Right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, and to enjoy the arts…"
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"We explore what cultural rights mean in practice through artist led, community driven projects."
"Art27 welcomes everyone."
"Our focus is to create art that takes its inspiration from and highlights our shared human rights."
"We aim to celebrate our connectedness to the rest of the world, and develop empathy, listening and learning from other's lived experience."
"We empower and encourage artists and communities to come together."
African Oases 2
Linocut Workshops
4th Scottish Womens Award
Linocut Workshops 3
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Art27 Scotland

“Cultural rights are incompatible with restrictive, one-dimensional accounts of culture or identity.  Fixed identity has ceased to be a pre-determining factor in community life.  Our identity has changed to being a starting point towards a negotiated destination”

“We gather starts from more than one sky.  We are not soldiers, but we are fighters, fully armed with words, ideas, thoughts and art, standing in the front line to protect our human rights” (Ghazi)

“Each one of us tries to overcome our fears, the fears that governments have put on our lives, and overcoming these fears leads us to freedom of expression and we display our expression in our heart” (Laleh)

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