About Us

Art27scotland is a community interest company and non-profit making organisation.  It is focused on exploring the powerful and sometimes conflicting relationship between our shared human and cultural rights.  We are distinctive in Scotland, as we articulate global shared experiences through our locally based international Artists in Residence.  We aim to celebrate our connectedness to the rest of the world, and develop empathy, listening and learning from others’ lived experience.  We want to share this exchange through art in order to stimulate broader democratic discussion and exchange relating to the rights of artistic expression, cultural participation and cultural democracy.

We welcome everyone including visual artists, writers, performers, musicians, socially engaged and interdisciplinary practitioners to join us in collective cultural action.

Helen Trew Art27Scotland

Helen Trew


Helen Trew is originally from Belfast, where her lived experience of the Conflict instilled a commitment to arts activism in peacebuilding. An experienced cultural producer and practitioner in theatre, feature film, heritage and socially engaged projects, she is currently on a sabbatical from arts funder and development public body Creative Scotland, where she is a specialist in equalities, diversity and inclusion.  She trained in theatre performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and in Film at Napier University Edinburgh. She is currently studying for an MSc in Equalities and Human Rights at Glasgow University.  Helen is also Director of Just Festival and Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts Scotland.


Robert Rae Art27Scotland

Robert Rae


Robert Rae is one of Scotland’s leading theatre and film directors and writers. He chooses to develop his work through socially engaged practice that aligns with his own political and activist commitments. His expertise has taken him all over the world sharing and developing his methodology. His career spans over 30 years, during which time he was Producer for 7:84 England, and Artistic Director/CEO of Theatre Workshop Scotland for 18 years which changed the landscape in Scotland for disabled artists in particular. Most recently he was International Artist in Residence for The Playhouse, Derry devising a Theatre of Witness piece based on survivors of the Conflict in the border towns in Northern Ireland. He is also Director of his own theatre company, Our Land Productions.


Yuke Huang

Yuke Huang 黄雨珂

Yuke conducted community consultation to get a snapshot of different communities living in the Southside area. She is also project-planning and managing the cultural and artistic events for the Southside Community Centre.

Yuke Huang is a born and raised Chinese, a Beijinger with a Sichuanese soul. She is pursuing a degree in History of Art at the University of Edinburgh. She was a Chinese folk dancer for 10 years and ventured into ballet and jazz. She worked as an exhibition assistant for the University Library Gallery. She writes about feminist art and BIPOC artists for university magazine Artefact aiming to subvert the Eurocentric, patriarchal, and elitist art historical narratives.

She is interested in the democratisation of arts, post-colonial studies, and social justice. Immigrating to the UK makes her deeply realised the manifestation of racism in the white-dominated world and advocates for human rights through an intersectional lens. She also reflects on and acknowledges her own privileges as well as avoiding ‘Oppression Olympics’.




Instagram: @yukihuaing

Asha Trivedy

Asha Trivedy

Asha works on community engagement as well as working with one of Art27scotland’s Artists in Residence, Ghazi Hussein, on his project ‘Poetry for Survival’.

Asha is a recent MA Hons. History graduate from the University of Edinburgh with an interest in community work, social justice, and post-colonial studies. Her skills lie in communication, and in the past, she has volunteered in participatory projects in Timor-Leste and Australia working with indigenous communities on sustainable land planning. In the future Asha hopes to continue to work in community arts as well as communication and facilitation of groups.

Cameron Somers

Cameron Somers

Cameron is Art27scotland’s Digital Communications Officer, building the social media presence and designing marketing materials for Art27scotland’s events.

Cameron was born in Kent, South-East England. He moved to Edinburgh in 2016 to study for an MA in Philosophy and English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. After graduating in 2020, he studied for an MSc in Human Rights and International Politics at the University of Glasgow. In 2020, he co-founded the journal levelwithme.org, a platform for under-represented students to share their university experience. He also served as Theatre Editor for The Student Newspaper, and is an accredited Edinburgh Festival Fringe reviewer. He won an Edinburgh Award for Office Bearers in 2020 for his work as President of the Edinburgh University Musicians’ Society. He produces his own music and occasionally sketches and paints.



Azza Dafaalla

Azza is an Art27scotland Co-ordinator. As a Community Development student at the University of Glasgow, Azza is also doing a placement with Art27scotland as part of these studies.

Get in contact by emailing azza@art27scotland.com.

Ashraf Ibrahim

Ashraf is an Art27scotland Co-ordinator.

Get in contact at ashraf@art27scotland.com.