Art27scotland poet Ghazi Hussein to perform at Jeremy Corbyn climate discussion

Ghazi Hussein, poet and Art27scotland Artist in Residence, is to perform his poetry at a discussion event featuring ex-Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The event is organised by Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project and hosted by Art27scotland. It is at the Southside Community Centre, Edinburgh on Tuesday 9 November 2021.

Ghazi is a poet and a teacher who has taught Arabic poetry and calligraphy for many years. He studied philosophy and Arabic grammar and went on to teach a range of different age groups and abilities in schools and universities.

Ghazi’s poetry became a way for him to survive imprisonment. He is now teaching his poetry skills to the Edinburgh Southside community in his current Art27scotland project “Poetry for Survival”.

Find out more about “Poetry for Survival”, including how to take part.