We Are Southside exhibition launches

On Friday, February 25 2022, the Art27scotland’s new exhibition ‘We Are Southside’ by acclaimed Iranian photographer Laleh Sherkat launched.

There was music…

Music was provided by Art27scotland Artist in Residence Saber Bamatraf, Engin Saglam, Iranian musician Saeed Rezazadeh, and Gandhi El Sayed.

There was poetry…

Art27scotland Artist in Residence Ghazi Hussein also gave a beautiful rendition of his poem ‘I Am an Interesting File’.


And then there were the visuals!…

Robert Motyka, one of Art27scotland’s new Artists in Residence, provided mesmerising projections throughout the launch, depicting Iranian inspired kaleidoscopic patterns, and patterns inspired by the performers’ backgrounds.

How can I see the exhibition?

‘We Are Southside’ is currently on display between 10:00-18:00 Monday-Thursday at Southside Community Centre, Edinburgh, EH8 9ER.

Simply buzz the bell to the right of the main door, and we will show you around!

All photos by Written in Film