Elaine Cheng : Part of the Edinburgh Southside Collective

Residency: Sound of Southside

The Sound of Southside project will explore the sounds of Southside through soundwalks in the area, free improvisation sessions and composition workshops under Elaine Cheng’s guidance. The project is open to anybody of Hong Kong heritage or has immigrated from Hong Kong to Edinburgh.

Residency: Hear My New Life

The project will explore the soundscape of the East Asian community in the Southside area of Edinburgh, culminating in a sonic artwork that displays the life of those who have immigrated to the capital from places such as Hong Kong and China.


Sound design/composition workshop

See the process of a new composition in the making.

Hear My New Life is a new sonic art piece being composed by Art27 Scotland Artist in Residence, Elaine Cheng. The piece has been recorded through community sessions with the local Edinburgh Chinese community as well as the Southside Community of Edinburgh.

There will also be the opportunity for you to bring your own works in progress for feedback within the group.

The workshop will be on Sunday 22nd May 2022, 2pm-4pm at the Southside Community Centre. 


Chinese knotting workshop and interviews

As part of community engagement, Chinese knotting workshops run by Josephine Morton will take place on Sunday 13th and 20th March 2022, 2pm-3.30pm at the Southside Community Centre. These sessions are free for anyone from the Chinese community. Elaine will conduct short interviews with some participants which will be recorded and used in her new sonic art piece.

Please register your interest through the form on Elaine’s homepage.

Free improvisation workshops

Elaine will be hosting two free improvisation workshops for anyone who would like to learn how to freely improvise using their instrument/object. These are free sessions open to anybody in the community with an interest in improvisation and experimental music making. Elaine will invite guest workshop leader, Faye MacCalman, who will run one of the workshops using her expertise as a professional musician, composer and improviser. These sessions will be recorded and used as part of Elaine’s new sonic art piece. Participants do not need to be skilled in their instruments and any instruments or objects that make interesting sounds are welcome to the sessions.

Sessions will take place at the Southside Community Centre on Sunday 10th and 24th April from 2pm-3.30pm. There is an additional introduction to free improvisation session where Elaine will explain her project on Sunday 27th March from 2pm-3pm at the Southside Community Centre.

Please feel free to register your interest through the form on Elaine’s page or just turn up on the day. All welcome.