Exhibition ‘African Oases’ by Maryam Yahia Mohamed




Start: May 25 - 06:00 pm

End: June 22 - 06:00 pm

South Side Community Centre

117 Nicolson Street

Edinburgh, EH8 9ER

Maryam Mohamed’s exhibition of Pan-African art opens on Wednesday 25 May 6 pm – 8:30 pm. Please contact art27Scotland at info@art27scotland.com if you want to secure your place. The opening will involve music, food, and a discussion on artist’s practice and inspirations.

Maryam Yahia Mohamed explores the diversity and richness of heritage on the African continent, through sculptures and portraits of African women.

“In this exhibition, I wanted to reflect a simple part of the African heritage with some pictures and artwork, and this part is a point in the vast sea of African richness of handcrafted arts in handcrafted fashion, ornaments, and jewellery taken from the charming African nature” – Maryam Yahia Mohamed.

The artist’s journey with African art began in childhood when Mohamed was attracted by colors, glaring lights, and clear landmarks. She takes her inspiration from the folklore deeply embedded in the African civilization that has lasted for thousands of years. The artist explores its richness derived from the infinite abundance of natural resources of this brown continent, where the Africans were able to adapt the natural resources of different types of wood, shells, rocks, shells, metals, and animal skins. She translates the traditional ancient concepts of what is visible and invisible in myths, and rituals into woven drawings and sculptures.

“The variety attracted me to being an African-Arab, but it also made me live in worlds of imagination in which I weave drawings and sculptures. I was born in Sudan, but I was raised all my life in Libya and from there I developed the traditional imagination of Andalusian and Berber art, adding the magic of the desert and the beauty of the Mediterranean, but my imagination remained mixed with all the African diversity”

Her art is a celebration of all the rich and diverse African cultures: starting with the civilization of Kush or the Funj of the Pharaohs in addition to the Byzantines in North Africa, the Berber civilization to the pagan civilization, with the religious heritage of all the religions that Africa and the Middle East were the cradle for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


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