Dragon Boat Festival Celebration/Hear My New Life Premiere




Date: June 4

Time: 02:00 pm - 06:00 pm


South Side Community Centre

117 Nicolson Street, Newington, EH8 9ER

Newington, Mid Lothian, GB, EH8 9ER

An afternoon celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival and the Premiere of Elaine Cheng’s sonic art piece Hear My New Life.

Come and celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Art27 Scotland on Saturday 4th June where Artist in Residence, Elaine Cheng (鄭依玲), will premiere her new sonic art piece, Hear My New Life. Join us at 2pm-6pm for a storytelling of the Dragon Boat Festival origins, poetry, dance, musical performances as well as zongzi, other food and drinks.

Working in collaboration with the Edinburgh Chinese School and Confucius Institute.

Hear My New Life is the community engagement project engaging with the Edinburgh Chinese community and local Southside community in Edinburgh. Elaine will compose a new experimental piece based on recordings made from interviews and free improvisation sessions.

和Art27 Scotland在6月4日下午2点至6点一起来庆祝端午节以及常驻艺术家郑依玲的声音艺术Hear My New Life的首次亮相。活动邀请到了爱丁堡华人社区中各种各样的才艺和演出,包括端午节的起源、屈原的诗词朗诵、舞蹈和音乐表演,同时我们还会提供一些端午节必不可少的甜/咸粽子邀请大家品尝。


Hear My New Life是一个与爱丁堡华人及Southside的居民共同合作出品的先锋声音艺术,囊括了数位华人在爱丁堡生活的采访和数次即兴音乐创作的素材。

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