Ghazi Hussein : Ghazi Hussein is a member of the Southside Collective


Credit: Video featuring Ghazi Hussein was created by Roxana Vilk


Return – the dream

I will go back

beginning my return journey with steps on the face of the morning 

walking to dawn breaks then on, 

into a night in which I have forgotten my dream;


I will present to the night what remains of my life and all my tears

I will raise for death a white flag of peace-creating

from my body, 

A pathway of jasmine Stretching from my migration

to the outskirts of my village 

so that my mother can learn of my longing;


From my ribs, I will create lilies 

and from my agony, I will build a bridge so that my heart can cross it

Bleeding the scent of roses to enshroud graves and cancel out death


My blood will blossom 

and I will sing my people’s pain in a mournful lament bringing tears to my eyes

and to the eyes of all who hear re-uniting me with my people;


I will paint my farewell on the face of my beloved 

as the stars radiate the light of my love;


I will crawl onwards until I arrive at my goal

imprinting my soul as a kiss on the feet of y mother


Ghazi Hussein


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