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August 2022

On 13 August Marta Adamowicz together with another Polish artist in residence: Robert Motyka led us through a magical audio-visual projection experience listening to the stories and perspectives of Polish residents in Edinburgh, followed by a fascinating provocation led by Prof Tanja Bueltmann “GO HOME – Immigrant views on belonging and identity” finished off with the beautiful traditional Eastern European harmonies of a capella group DAVNO. Polish pastries were served! The venue: ZOO Southside

Marta is also one of the four artists taking part in the collective show Art27 First Hand – Exhibition of Women Artists presented in a new Art27’s base” a workshop in 40-42 West Crosscauseway. Marta also created the linocut for the Art27 Festival poster (graphic design by Robert Motyka).

First Hand on Fringe website

Marta’s works presented in this exhibition focus on the existence of the individual in society. The quotes from everyday conversations combined with the images reveal the absurdities and limitations of the system. Marta’s work is a call to action addressed to the activist hidden in everyone. Art is a dialogue and everyone is invited.

Marta Adamowicz Artwork

The artist also rereads Slavic mythology by presenting two female figures: Baba Jaga (Baba Yaga) and Południca (Midday Lady or Noonwraith). Baba Jaga has been traditionally depicted as an old, ugly woman threatening children, living on the fringes of society occupied with plotting evil deeds.

In reality, a wise woman living close to nature using traditional knowledge has been deemed dangerous by the patriarchal systems which finally resulted in witch hunts. Here she is shown calm as if in a meditative state of sleep.

Południca is a summer female demon appearing in the glaring light of high noon hunting for the lone farmers working in the fields. According to some anthropologists, it is a ghost of an engaged woman who died unmarried and now seeking revenge angry about her 'incomplete’ life. Here again unfulfilling a traditional role places a woman in the realms of demons and causes fear in communities. The artwork shows Południca lonely crouching naked.

July 2022

Robert Motyka and Marta Adamowicz presented their project City of Homes on 2 July 2022 at Southside Community Centre, Southside Edinburgh.

‘City of Homes’ is an audio-visual artwork – an outcome of residency by Marta Adamowicz and Robert Motyka. Artists have set out to work with the Polish community in Edinburgh to invoke a discussion and collect accounts of the immigrant experience and to establish if a connection exists between architectural structures and the concept of ‘home’.

They edited images and interviews with participants into a spectacular experience where sound and animation tell very personal stories of migration and belonging.

The artworks (linocut prints and collages) created during the series of workshops with the artists will be shown during the exhibition opening on the night before the premiere screening.

The evening was finalised with the performance from Edinburgh’s own Eastern European Folk Music Ensemble DAVNO – a female collective bringing the unique traditional sounds of the region to Scotland. Pierogi were served.