Robert Rae : Part of the Edinburgh Southside Collective

Robert Rae – Embedded Artist

Robert and Co-Director, Helen Trew, plotting a course.

“Embedded artists work collaboratively and in partnership with the other artists, communities  and organisational team to bring creative methodologies to the achievement of shared goals.”

As the Art27 ’embedded artist’ Robert uses his knowledge and skills as a socially engaged theatre practitioner, film director and writer to consider what the incorporation of Cultural Rights into Scottish Law might mean in practice for Scotland. 

As well as bringing strategic and practical experience (he was Artistic Director of Theatre Workshop Scotland for many years), he works with his co-Director, Helen Trew, to strategise what ART27scotland is and could become. They work together to identify communities, appoint artists and co-ordinators, and with the team roll up their sleeves up and do whatever is required  to deliver projects and events to the highest professional standards. 

When the opportunity arises Robert brings his skills as a devising Director/Writer to support the work of the resident Artists, always looking for opportunities to encourage collaborative working . The first such project was SABER CAME TO TEA. (See more about the show here)