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Art27scotland’s first engagement project is the Southside Collective. We define the Southside as the area of Edinburgh within fifteen minutes’ walking distance of our partner organisation the Southside Community Centre, an area made home by a vibrant international community. Art27scotland is working with the Management Committee and the Edinburgh City Council to reopen, encourage in new users and develop facilities to support current users.

The ongoing wars in the Middle East and the recent pandemic have heightened racism, with East and Southeast Asian communities often blamed and abused. During the lockdown, local Black Lives Matter posters were defaced and destroyed. The Southside Collective is our response to this heightened racism, bringing together artists and their communities in a bold practical declaration of “nae place for racism here”. Art27scotland’s role is to empower and encourage artists and their communities into a Collective, and for it to become a vibrant, democratic, local social movement that opposes racism by celebrating the many cultures of the Southside, enhancing the lives of all Southsiders.

Our Artists

Marta Adamowicz

Marta Adamowicz is a visual and sound artist and illustrator of Polish origin. Marta’s work deals mainly with social issues and community focused projects.

Explore Marta's art

Robert Motyka

Robert Motyka is a Polish born, New Scot by choice video maker, projection artist and projection mapping lecturer. He is also actively supporting EU citizens rights and Polish LGBT community.

Find out more about Robert's work

Elaine Cheng

Elaine Cheng (she/her) is a composer/sound artist from Edinburgh, Scotland and from Hong Kong descent. Her practice is currently based around producing drone music from analog and modular synthesisers and has come from a compositional background in electroacoustic music.

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Laleh Sherkat

Laleh Sherkat is an acclaimed Iranian photographer and former photo journalist.  She is renowned for being one of the first woman to document the Iran-Iraq war and the first to photograph female prisoners in Iran. She is a founding member of the Iranian Photography Society and has juried and curated many photography exhibitions and competitions in Iran and Scotland.

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Shatha Altowai

Shatha has been creating art since 2014. She has presented at several art galleries in Yemen and beyond, and has won multiple awards for her art, including the John Byrne Award in April 2021. Much of Shatha’s work reflects aspects of life in her society, and the suffering caused by the ongoing civil war in Yemen. Through her figurative, cubist, and abstract paintings, Shatha seeks to shed light on issues such as Internally Displaced Persons.

Explore more of Shatha Altowai's work

Saber Bamatraf

Saber Bamatraf is a Yemeni pianist and music composer. He has been awarded an IIE-Artist Protection Fund (APF) Fellowship 2020-21 and is in residence at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities within the University of Edinburgh.

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Ghazi Hussein

Ghazi is a poet and a teacher who has taught Arabic poetry and calligraphy for many years. He studied philosophy and Arabic grammar and went on to teach a range of different age groups and abilities in schools and universities.

Find out more about Ghazi Hussein's poetry

Robert Rae

Robert Rae is the project’s embedded artist.

As the embedded artist Robert is not creating his own work but utilising his skills as a socially engaged theatre practitioner, film director and writer to devise an exploratory route to unpick and rethink what cultural rights mean in Scotland.

Find out more about Robert and his work

Our Groups

The Campaign Against Arms Trade

Art27Scotland and The Edinburgh South Collective support The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT).

CAAT is a UK-based organisation working to end the international arms trade.

Find out how you can take action!

Art27 Scotland

Art27scotland is a not-for-profit cultural organisation based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our focus is to create art that takes its inspiration from and highlights our shared human rights.

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The Fribourg Declaration

Cultural Rights are indivisible from Human Rights.

The Fribourg Declaration seeks to lay out what the term ‘Cultural Rights’ means.

The Fribourg Declaration is supported by more than fifty human rights high profiles, as well as a platform of NGOs.

Learn more about the Declaration

Upcoming Events

Latest News

On Friday, February 25 2022, the Art27scotland’s new exhibition ‘We Are Southside’ by acclaimed Iranian photographer Laleh Sherkat launched.

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The Art27scotland team just got bigger! Two new Coordinators begin their journeys with us this week.

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Art27scotland is excited to announce that our new Artists in Residence now have their own artist microsites!

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Ghazi Hussein, poet and Art27scotland Artist in Residence, is to perform his poetry at a discussion event featuring ex-Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Read More

Latest from Twitter

The 'African Oases' Exhibition by Maryam Yahia Mohamed opens at Art27 next week on Wednesday 25th between 6pm-8:30pm. Email us if you'd like to drop-in on the night!
Maryam's exhibition explores the richness and diversity of African heritage through sculpture and portraits. https://t.co/USSwDjwME9
Art27Scotland photo
Join us tonight at the Southside Community Centre for The Great May Day Cabaret - with music, food, and poetry celebrating International Workers' Day!✊

🎟️Limited tickets still available - get yours at: https://t.co/lAk6Q0GSLR🎟️ https://t.co/u4fxiso1yY
Art27Scotland photo
And finally, introducing our Great May Day Cabaret compere: Susan Morrison

Whether performing her own solo act or hosting The Stand's big weekend gigs in Glasgow & Edinburgh, Susan's in a class of her own when it comes to quick-fire wit.

🎟️Buy tickets🎟️: https://t.co/lAk6Q0GSLR https://t.co/7w28ce2gpY
Art27Scotland photo
Dinner's on us at the Great May Day Cabaret! We've teamed up with Arthur's Community Cafe to provide an fantastic interval buffet for our guests 🫖☕️🥖🥗

🎟️Buy your tickets at🎟️: https://t.co/lAk6Q0GSLR
(Group discounts available) https://t.co/Sc9DdM1lYz
Art27Scotland photo
Introducing our Great May Day Cabaret act: Rab Noakes

Rab is an accomplished singer-songwriter whose work reflects his lifelong interest in popular & folk music. He continues to be an unstoppable musical force in Scotland & beyond.

🎟️Buy tickets🎟️: https://t.co/lAk6Q0GSLR https://t.co/asW7ttmlOC
Art27Scotland photo
The Great May Day Cabaret this Sunday will feature stunning projections by Art27scotland resident artist Robert Motyka ( @robert_motyka). Here's a sneak preview!

To see these wonderful projections alongside food, music & poetry, buy your ticket at: https://t.co/lAk6Q0GSLR🎟️ https://t.co/0JaMNFhb65
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