Translation Options

The Art27 website is intended to be multilingual, with some pages and posts in languages other than English. If English isn’t your first language, or if it is and you’d like to read the non-English content, this page is intended to be a guide on how to do that.

Whatever your first language, we recommend Google Chrome

You can use the tools built in to your web browser to translate any content on our site to your preferred language. How you achieve this depends on the browser you’re using. For the best experience, we recommend Google Chrome, but Microsoft’s Edge browser also has useful built-in translation tools.

If you’re using Firefox or Opera, both have good translation tools available via Plugins. For Firefox we recommend To Google Translate plugin.

For Opera, we recommend the Google Translate plugin.

At this time, due to lack of testing, we don’t support Apple’s Safari browser, although it may work perfectly well, we just haven’t been to check it out.

I’d like to translate some of the content into my first language

There are some pages where content is displayed in more than one language. Depending on what your first language is, your browser may already offer to translate the sections in English to your first language. You can use your browser tools to translate the non-English sections.

The following screen shots may help if you’re new to translating text in your browser. Please note that all of the built-in tools use on-the-fly translation, in other words, they are not formal translations by a language speaker. For that reason, the accuracy of the translation may vary, but generally it will be good enough for you to read and make sense of.

Wherever you see non-English text (or text that isn’t in your first language), you can right-click and select “Translate to English”

For Microsoft Edge, the process is similar:

With all browsers, the options available to you will depend on what you have set as your default language, and also what languages you have installed.

For instance, if your first language is Bulgarian, by default, Chrome will offer to translate the whole page to Bulgarian, which may be what you want.

If not, you can choose which text to translate, and to what language.

The Google Translate Widget

For older browsers, or those that don’t have built-in tools, we also have a translation widget.

The widget will attempt to translate on-the-fly all the content on the page to the selected language. If your browser is very old, this may not work as expected, if at all.